• Community


    Express your Authentic True Self by sharing gratitude with others. Joy expands in appreciation states with others. It's similar to being able to go deeper when meditating in a group.
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  • Embodiment


    In embodying gratitude, we enter a state of appreciation. Allowing and trust become our natural states of being. Life becomes the Joyful experience we have always dreamed.
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  • Joy


    When you kept a gratitude journal, did everything seemed to flow better? Research shows a significant correlation between a gratitude practice, being Joyful and having a Joyful Life.
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  • Movement


    Moving gratitude increases momentum towards a state of appreciation. Feel lighter and alive. Write, talk about, share, dance or otherwise move and live Gratitude.
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Amazing Perfect Free Gift for Just About Anyone with a Bonus

Love TreeIs there someone you love for whom you’d like to offer a special heartfelt gift?  How can you emphasize their importance and meaning in your life? Get cozy, settle in and relish thinking about them.

What wonderful things did they say or do that you are you most grateful for? What is something only you know about them and LOVE? What is something everyone knows about them that you Cherish?  What is something you first loved about them and still do?  Is there something new you learned about them that gives you goosebumps?  In what way did they grow? How have they touched you for being Truly themselves?

Whether these are gratitudes for the last month, each season or all twelve months, remember to share all the ones that light you up.

Let’s shower them with unexpected delightful appreciation and Love. Imagine how good this is going to feel for you to express and share your thoughts and feelings.  Marinade in this Holiday Good Cheer.


To make your expression extra delightful, imagine personalizing it in a creative, fun way:

-Leave a singing message on their phone.

-Write a letter and leave it under the pillow or in their stocking.

-Mail a card. This is especially fun if you live at the same address.

-Make a specific date just to share your gratitude expressions in person.

-Your own creative inspiration.


One way to expand the wonder of our giving, is to increase our ability to RECEIVE.  Here is an opportunity to balance giving with receiving:

Contemplate your year from a new perspective. What are you grateful to yourself for? Think outside of the box. What challenges did you overcome? What new creations did you bring into your life or those of others? What adventures or new risks did you take? What random acts of kindnesses or paying it forward activities did you contribute? How were kinder to yourself? How are you wiser or more loving?

Write a gratitude letter to yourself for all the things you would like to be acknowledged for. Mail it to yourself. Would be fun if you receive it the next year. If you want to REALLY make it special, when you receive it, put it away and open it at the end of 2016.

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Yes, And

Yes andThe “Yes, And” rule is a guideline of Improvisation Theater that suggests a participant should accept what another person has created (“Yes”) and then add something to it (“And”).

Let’s look at the two parts of this rule. When we bring the energy of “Yes” (acceptance) into what we are offering ourselves or others, it calms our nervous system and allows for a “clean” offering. In Improvisation this helps create a congruous believable scene with our partner. It also works in day-to-day living. By saying “Yes” and embodying gratitude, we can look for what’s right, true and unique in what another person is offering to us. Then, when we elevate acceptance to the levels of appreciation and gratitude, we increase our vibration even further, allowing in broader perspectives that light us up.

We can also practice saying “Yes” to how we feel. Saying yes to how we feel is especially helpful in responding to difficulties and tragic events. But then we can determine what we want to add to that feeling – the “And”. From this place, we have a better opportunity to “Let go and let God”. We are better able to let go of our shoulds and open to an inspired right action, perhaps reaching out to a loved one, choosing kindness with a stranger or appreciating more deeply the preciousness of this life. These right actions always bring a sense of relief.

The “And” part of the equation is always about our next choice, of how we want to perceive things and respond. We can stay with our story or open up to a broader perspective. We can choose fear or love. Saying “Yes, And” brings us into the present moment.

We can think about the “Yes, And” rule when dealing with feedback as well. Giving direct feedback without the energy of the “Yes” first, can actually be felt as untrue to the receiver, a wrong-making or partial truth. For example, imagine you spent weeks learning a song you love, and pouring your heart into it. When you finally sing the song for others, consider the importance of receiving suggestions that first acknowledge the beauty of your song and soul’s offering…that’s the “Yes” that we offer. But let’s say you are a bit off key when you sing the song. Without the “Yes” supportive of the truth of your heart’s message, the Songstress feels less receptive to the “And” – being off key – because it is ignoring the obvious love from the heart. The “And” feels like something is missing because the “Yes” is not there. A “Yes” does not always have to be verbal, it can be felt energetically with a loving smile or calming, acknowledging presence.

Whether you want to share feedback with someone you love or want to influence a better outcome for any situation, offering a “Yes” energy at the start relaxes ourselves and the other for greater receptivity and openness to true offering. It requires us to look for and acknowledge what’s true before offering our creativity or opinion. It sets us up for a kind and loving offering. “Yes, And” is a brilliant tool, to bring into our gratitude practice, at the same time enriching our relationships and lives.

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World Gratitude Day 2015

Do you remember, the 21st day of September?
~ “September” from Earth Wind and Fire

Supporting the United Nations World Gratitude Day (9-21-15) brings our worldwide awareness to the consciousness where the creative solutions to our problems live. This day is such a great opportunity for us each to add in our unique Lightness and Fun. Join us all month on social media including Facebook and Instagram for world gratitude inspiration and gratitudes for people making a difference in the world.

Share your appreciation for the world in a story, photo, video or other creative expression. Post your video on our social media pages of something you are grateful for. Host a World Gratitude Day event and post it on our page.

On Maui,  join us for the World Gratitude Day, Equinox Event.



Connecting Gratitude around the World

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Equinox Gratitude Dance


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Treasures from the Depths of Gratitude

Gratitude Journal

For years, I would write my gratitudes in a journal. Life would seem to go along well enough that I would slowly stop journaling. With later peeks at my notebooks, however, it looked like things had been better when I was in appreciation mode. I would begin writing again.

In 2010, I was inspired to develop a new way of practicing gratitude. Within this practice was appreciation for gratitude itself.  I would dance my gratitude. The dancing became literal and metaphorical. In this deeper relationship with gratitude, I started to experience, notice and enjoy the depths of its offerings.

Here are some of the treasures I have received from this practice:

1) Transformation. My underlying predominant emotion gradually transformed from sad to happy. Almost three years later, I learned of the results of Brené Brown’s gratitude research, establishing a connection between having a gratitude practice and happiness.

2) Patience. Gratitude practice helps me better understand patience. I have a theory that if we embodied patience or other emotions like surrender and forgiveness, we would discover gratitude and grace, too.  When we observe that all is happening in Divine Timing, it is a lot easier to have a better relationship with patience.

3) Relief. More and more, when I am experiencing a difficult emotion such as grief or disappointment, seemingly out of nowhere, I suddenly experience noticeable relief. I believe there is a strong connection between Gratitude and Grace.  I automatically feel gratitude in my body when I  realize that feeling better came from Grace.

4) Perspective. Gratitude “eyes” help me discover the lessons or gifts from difficult situations early on in their arising.  Having this perspective helps lessen the distress and helps me accept or move on more quickly.

5) Focus. A gratitude focus helps me look for the good in what is occurring. Looking for the good…I always find it. This works for situations and relationships. It has helped me learn how to make fewer assumptions and not take things personally.

6)Receptivity. Embodying gratitude helps me become more receptive and open. This allows me to be more available for the limitless support and blessings around and increase my ability to take them in. This increased capacity to receive may be the secret to the Gratitude-Abundance connection in Yogi Bhajan’s quote: Gratitude is the open door to Abundance.

7)Freedom. Sensing gratitude in my body has helped me become more present. This gives me greater freedom of choice beyond the habits of my conditioning. I become more authentic and True to myself. I feel more connected to the Divine, enjoying broader compassionate views on everyday situations.

How has Practicing Gratitude supported or gifted you?

Dancing Gratitude

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Global Gratitude Reach

Dance Anywhere 2015 on Maui

Dance Anywhere 2015 on Maui

With today’s social media, we have the opportunity to positively impact our world with a larger reach than ever before. We can direct our thoughts, words, movements and posts towards global inspiration, beauty, peace, love, aliveness, unity, goodness, worthiness, illumination, self knowledge, joy and freedom. Many of us have friends in other countries we’ve visited that we can stay in touch with on Facebook. Additionally, Instagram offers a venue to connect with and enjoy people with common interests worldwide, even those we may have never met!

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Earth Gratitude Invitation

Gift the Earth with your Presence!

Gift the Earth with your Presence!

When we are truly Present, our mind quiets, our heart opens and we have access to guidance, inspiration and appreciation. In the spirit of Earth Day, one of the greatest gifts we can give the Earth,  our selves and each other is our Presence.

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Pi Day ~ Expanding Possibilities

Reaching for Eternity

Delft University’s Pi Pie extends its digits out 27 places. The world record has computed out 12.1 trillion places (Yee and Kondo).

“Life was never meant to be a Struggle .” ~ Stuart Wilde

Pi is a Wonderful Number! Pi relates all the points on a circle reflecting our Relationship with Each Other and the Divine – our Interconnectedness in terms of an Infinite Constant! How exciting that this Pi expression, emblematic of our Divine to Human Relationship, is also Transcendental, Never ending and Never repeating – mathematically! In 2015,  Pi’s expression rounded seven places is displayed in the date and time with precision: March 14, 2015 at 9:26 ( am and pm) depictive of 3.1415926….   This will occur again in 100 years ~ in 2115.  Pi Day and Pondering Pi can be very inspiring, even help us move forward with Life’s challenges and difficulties with more excitement; less struggle!

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Receptive Heart

Maui Mandala Painting Workshop 2015

Maui Mandala Painting Workshop 2015

“Until we can receive with an open heart, we are never really giving with an open heart.”
― Brené Brown

To receive deeply, we need to know our worthiness. When I am appreciating, I open my perceptions and perspective and truly see the hugeness of what is being offered. I sense that there is even more than I can fathom. Making regular contact with the abounding Blessings offered, I am able to take in more and more.  I feel expanding support from people, life, situations, classes, synchronicity and more.  I know my worthiness.

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Magic Formula

Photo by: Pippalou

Photo by: Pippalou

“Appreciation is the magic formula you’ve been seeking.”
~ Abraham-Hicks

A regular Gratitude Practice is an easily accessible path to appreciation states. In a state of appreciation we feel certain body and mind sensations as well as Joy and abundance all around. Good things happen when we feel more appreciation–including meeting the people we are meant to meet and finding the places we are meant to find in the right timing; and so many other types of abundance.

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Gratitude Abundance

Gratitude Abundance

 As I continue to deepen my relationship with Gratitude, I become more thrilled and excited about the support and possibilities the Burgeoning Gratitude Zeitgeist offers all of us.  Growing research points to stress relief, health benefits and connection to Joy that this powerful Energy offers. Appreciation energy is a powerful force. Speaking it, writing about it, playing with and celebrating it, ALL increase this LIGHT energy.

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Feel More Connected, Worthy and Peaceful

Gratitude NovaWhen you align with the deepest core of the earth and the highest center of the cosmos and connect with the energy of Gratitude, you have a powerful combo…

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Thanksgiving 2014 Live and Virtual Events

Gratitude NovaVIRTUAL EVENT: BEAM UP YOUR GRATITUDE:When you align with the deepest core of the earth and the highest center of the cosmos and connect to the energy of Gratitude, you have a powerful combo. Aligning your energy  and sensing your gratitude are Two Power Tools to help you bring in and sustain feelings of Connection, Worthiness and Peace. Learn how to activate these tools by tuning in to the first Gratitude “Love and Light Meditation: Fully Aligning with the Earth and Cosmos”! Watch it Here. You can use these tools easily and anytime at home, work and even out shopping, dancing or caroling. This video marks the beginning of Dancing Gratitude’s 2014 Virtual Thanksgiving Event from 11/21-11/27. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for daily inspirational posts to help Beam Up Gratitude for the holidays and Beyond.



Maui Thanksgiving Nia JamLIVE EVENT:  DANCE YOUR THANKS GIVING  Join 4 Lively Nia Teachers for an uplifting NIA JAM Thanksgiving Morning ( 11/27/14).  Meet Up at 9:15 am with Dancing to begin at 9:30.  Great way to initiate your holiday on Maui, dancing barefoot in Waipuilani Park overlooking the Ocean. No prior experience necessary. Bring Water and your Holiday Spirit!

For more information, Email Ann @ astara25@yahoo.com


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It’s the Month of Thanks!

Maui Arrival

Stay Tuned for this month’s 7 Day  Holiday “Comfort and Joy” Gratitude Meditations!


How do you sense Gratitude in your body?  What does it feel like?  Where do you feel it? How big is it? What kind of shape does it have? How does it move with your breath?

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Halloween Gratitude Open House

NASA Pumpkin Sun 2014

One of my mother’s favorite activities that gave her a lot of Joy was making her own Halloween Costumes and bringing out the holiday decorations. This Halloween, the first one I’ve known without her here,  I am feeling her presence and inspiration to host a Halloween Gratitude Open House.  Here’s how it will work…

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How to Globalize Gratitude

With today’s technology and social media, we have access to world information like no other time in history. Some of the news we hear can make us anxious about global unrest. When we shift our focus to gratitude, however, we allow a broader perspective of what’s going RIGHT in the world, and this helps us stay relaxed and less stressed about world events. We can go about our day contributing to the peace and being the change we want to see.

A regular practice of gratitude can bring us peace and joy in our everyday living. Globalizing our gratitude can help us focus our attention in the direction of what we want to see in the world!

How do we globalize gratitude?

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World Gratitude Day 2014

When you feel down, sing a song. It’ll make your day, yeah, yeah. You’ll come to shout. Sing a song, it’ll make a way.
~ “Singasong” from Earth Wind and Fire Gratitude album

Supporting the United Nations World Gratitude Day (9-21-14) brings our worldwide awareness to the consciousness where the creative solutions to our problems live. This is such a great opportunity for us each to add in our unique Lightness and Fun. Join us all month on social media including Facebook and Instagram for world gratitude inspiration and gratitudes for people making a difference in the world.

Share appreciation for the world in a story, photograph, video or other creative expression. Sing a song! Dance.  For the first five World Gratitude Stories posted on Facebook, Dancing Gratitude will send you a special gratitude card on September 21.

World Gratitude and Peace


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Letting Go – “Gratitude Style”

After weeks of looking in many places, I found the Perfect for Me couch and excitedly replied to a Craigslist ad. This was the most fun, unique furniture I had seen in all my search. Three days of not hearing a response, however, it seemed like it wasn’t going to happen. Now it was time to move on and still feel good about it ~ by letting go – “Gratitude Style” …

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Gratitude Buddy

For over a year now, I have been sharing daily gratitudes with my friend Teri. We start our day by each sharing 5 minutes while the other listens and receives. We’ve become quite proficient and really look forward to our morning gratitude session. We actually feel the difference in our body — the energy of appreciation.

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Celebrating One Year

Dancing Gratitude’s First Blog was published one year ago today!

High Dancing Gratitude; Haleakala, Maui

We look forward to going to a whole new level this year. We believe we are just touching the surface of the Joy and Love that are available.  Gratitude helps us allow in more greatness to come. We love that you are reading this and welcome you to share the journey with us on this site.

How has celebrating gratitude enriched your life?

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How to Make 2014 Your Best Year Ever!

Want to Feel Good?  Gratitude is an express pathway.

Ann Paquin

Labyrinth Mandala ~ Painted By Ann Paquin


When we feel good, we say yes more…

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Gratitude Card Game

2014 Virtual Event


Very Little Effort ~ Big Ripples of Delight ~ Making the Gratitude-Fun connection!

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In a state of appreciation, we experience enjoyment, amusement, or lighthearted pleasure. When having fun, it’s pretty easy to find gratitude! Bringing gratitude in to a fun activity spices it up even more. Bring gratitude into activities that are normally not associated with fun and…

Help make the gratitude/fun connection.

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Have you shared your Gratitude lately?

When somebody expresses a heartfelt gratitude, it sparks me. I start thinking about things I hadn’t thought of before or have taken for granted. I enjoy their good feelings with them. I enjoy the ride they are having and get prompted to greater appreciation of things I hadn’t been thinking about — all of this from simply sharing our unique perspectives.

Gratitude talk with others also leads to other conversations that I might not have tapped into…

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Thanksgiving 2013 Live and Virtual Events



Thursday, 11/28/13
Thanksgiving Day
4:30 PM Waipuilani Park
Kihei, HI

Focus: Embodying Love and Gratitude for our Ocean Waters through the Joy of Movement.

We invite you, Nia and other Conscious Dance Communities to join us in choosing and dancing our Joy to Ground the Gratitude Grid for our Oceans Thanksgiving Day across the Globe.


Write, Journal or Post One Gratitude you Most Feel in your Heart for seven days in a row.
Friday, November 21 through Thanksgiving Day.
Every Body is Invited.

— All Languages Welcome
— OK to post the same Gratitude seven days in a row or change according to your Heart
— The Key is connecting to your Heart.

“Your Body is the Key, It is giving you all kinds of messages” ~ Hoiya


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Dance Anywhere 2013

Dance Anywhere 2013~ Maui, Hawaii

Join professional Modern Dancer, Annie Stackhouse ( Joie de Vivre) and Ann (Dancing Gratitude) for 2013 Global Public Art Event, Dance Anywhere at Waiupuilani Park; Kihei HI. Annie has choreographed “Holding Up the Sky”, a fun series of improvs for our Participation Enjoyment. No prior experience or rehearsal required. Meetup at 8:30 am. For more information, email Astara25@yahoo.com

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Dancing Your Thanks Giving

Dancing Your Thanksgiving



   JOIN us Dancing Gratitude… from wherever you are Thanksgiving Day



Enjoy your own Dancing Gratitude LIVE event Thanksgiving Day. Here’s How…..

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By Ann Paquin

In a state of appreciation, there is Joy with whatever is right now. We don’t even have to be with our beloved or doing our favorite activity to experience joy. Joy can be found in the mundane or in activities that might seem boring!

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by Ann Paquin

Dancing Gratitude implies movement. When we move with gratitude, our attention to it expands and we feel it more. The more I feel it, the more I give to and receive from this portal of joy and inspiration.

Move Gratitude, Feel Better, Live Free

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By Ann Paquin

Embodiment is a big word, but essentially it comes from the word embody and means to:

manifest, materialize, actualize ~ as in embody health and wellness

Dancing Gratitude enables us to manifest appreciation in body form. This embodiment of appreciation ~ dancing gratitude ~ is a simple and powerful place that can be practiced and cultivated. When you are “in your body” you are in the present moment where enjoyment, transformation and creative solutions are readily available. In this sensorial state, mounds of information can be accessed from your senses, intuition and Inner Being. And you can still invite in thinking as needed.

So how do we engage embodiment?

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Dancing Gratitude WelcomeThis site is for us to share and celebrate gratitude, which opens up the space for allowing in more joyfun and impressive new perspectives!

Dancing  Gratitude in community increases the energy and helps deepen the state of appreciation.

Dancing Gratitude…is a lively way of Giving and yet Receiving at the same time!

Dancing Gratitude…is seeing and sensing  the Divine in everything…the ULTIMATE Namaste.

The intention of this website is to “Really Get Into” and Embody gratitude, dreams, Magic and fun by sharing insights, creations, celebrations and Joy of Dancing Gratitude!

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Why Dancing

When was the last time you danced just for fun? Did you have thoughts of how good it feels?

Want to know the Treasure in those thoughts and feelings?

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