World Gratitude Day 2016 Invite

World Gratitude Day InvitationWith World Gratitude Day fast approaching, this is a great time to start or deepen your gratitude practice.  See how Nature comes to support our invitation for bringing more gratitude into daily activities and heightening activities you love in our vlog below.

Please join us  here on Dancing Gratitude September 17 through 21, for a new Gratitude Game each of these 5 days in celebration of World Gratitude Day. Each game offers a different gratitude perspective with a fun, uplifting suggested dance to receive and resonate the gift of gratitude.

For those of you on Maui, join our Free uplifting community event on World Gratitude Day ( 9-10 am) at Wai’ipulani Park.

I’m so grateful to all of you, having this opportunity to meet from a place of Gratitude!


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Amazing Gratitude

AMAZING GRATITUDE! Gratitude helps us to be happy, and surprisingly, a regular gratitude practice builds our emotional resilience for coping with difficulties. An Unexpected Bonus.

Gratitude Grows

Albuquerque Botanical Garden

By really feeling gratitude (not just thinking about it), we train ourselves to look for what is right in our life. Being present and breathing with gratitude relaxes our nervous system. It connects us with our Higher Self giving us access to greater intelligence and support. Different ways of looking at things are revealed, which can be so helpful in the world today.

The breadth and depth of what we can be grateful for helps point us to a balanced view of life’s preciousness and grandeur.  As we get to know gratitude deeply, our nervous system is rewired towards basic trust. When things get rough, we are able to come back to our center more quickly.  Then, we naturally take more responsibility for our beliefs, needs, reactivity and for  shining our gifts in the world.

When practiced regularly, the gifts of Gratitude grow.  Yogi Bhajan said that “Gratitude is the open door to abundance.” One door to abundance that Gratitude has opened for me is Peace that passes all understanding. From this place, I am able to ground, breathe and offer a prayer, while being present with reality.

Practice Daily Gratitude

You are invited to join us in cultivating Gratitude Consciousness by sharing your Gratitude inspirations in community. Share your gratitudes  with your family, friends and community on the Gratitude Connections Forum.

Ann Paquin, creator of Dancing Gratitude, is an Intuitive Soul Coach and Enneagram Mentor.  She offers private and Skype sessions for solving your problems and creating your dreams. Bring your needed gifts into the world, visit to schedule your session.


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Gratitude Trail

Eagle dancing welcome

On a Nature walk, we usually feel connection, beauty and oneness. With gratitude, all of these things expand! As our receptivity to the experience increases so does the depth and expansion of the experience. On a recent nature walk on the Pope and Talbot trails in the historic town of Port Gambel, Kitsap, Washington, we were greeted by dancing eagles. We felt more in tune and blended with each other and Nature, and we could sense Nature loving us back as we brought gratitude into our experience. We felt inspired to interweave sharing with silence. Inspired to have fun, we also made sound tracks of waterfalls and our foot steps on different surfaces. GRATEFUL for HIKING with others and shared experiences of being in nature! GRATEFUL for GRATITUDE!

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Tax Time Gratitude Power

By Ann Paquin

Gratitude Challenge

Gratitude Practice

When it comes to tax time preparation, gratitude is probably not the first thought you have. Can you imagine how tax time gratitude power could help? A regular gratitude practice offers grace and power when least expected. How do you want to feel when doing your taxes?

I was preparing my tax information feeling some frustration. In feeling frustration, it seemed like there were extra things to be frustrated about: the sorting function on my excel spreadsheet wasn’t working; I was feeling annoyed at how much money I spent at one particular store; and how little interest I earned. In addition, I couldn’t figure out a way to print a 1099 form I needed.

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Amazing Perfect Free Gift for Just About Anyone with a Bonus

Love TreeIs there someone you love for whom you’d like to offer a special heartfelt gift?  How can you emphasize their importance and meaning in your life? Get cozy, settle in and relish thinking about them.

What wonderful things did they say or do that you are you most grateful for? What is something only you know about them and LOVE? What is something everyone knows about them that you Cherish?  What is something you first loved about them and still do?  Is there something new you learned about them that gives you goosebumps?  In what way did they grow? How have they touched you for being Truly themselves?

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Yes, And

Yes andThe “Yes, And” rule is a guideline of Improvisation Theater that suggests a participant should accept what another person has created (“Yes”) and then add something to it (“And”).

Let’s look at the two parts of this rule. When we bring the energy of “Yes” (acceptance) into what we are offering ourselves or others, it calms our nervous system and allows for a “clean” offering. In Improvisation this helps create a congruous believable scene with our partner. It also works in day-to-day living. By saying “Yes” and embodying gratitude, we can look for what’s right, true and unique in what another person is offering to us. Then, when we elevate acceptance to the levels of appreciation and gratitude, we increase our vibration even further, allowing in broader perspectives that light us up.

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World Gratitude Day 2015

Do you remember, the 21st day of September?
~ “September” from Earth Wind and Fire

Supporting the United Nations World Gratitude Day (9-21-15) brings our worldwide awareness to the consciousness where the creative solutions to our problems live. This day is such a great opportunity for us each to add in our unique Lightness and Fun. Join us all month on social media including Facebook and Instagram for world gratitude inspiration and gratitudes for people making a difference in the world.

Share your appreciation for the world in a story, photo, video or other creative expression. Post your video on our social media pages of something you are grateful for. Host a World Gratitude Day event and post it on our page.

On Maui,  join us for the World Gratitude Day, Equinox Event.



Connecting Gratitude around the World

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