Gratitude Card Game

2014 Virtual Event


Very Little Effort ~ Big Ripples of Delight ~ Making the Gratitude-Fun connection!

To Play: Collect thank you cards that call out to you. If possible let the cards choose you. Say YES to all cards that jump out at you. There may even be a card that could be turned into a gratitude card. Follow your inspirations. We’ll gather 12 cards in total, one for each month; though 4 or 5 to choose from at the beginning will add to the creativity. OK to make your own cards, if you like. You don’t have to know who they are going to go to. Each month we’ll share a fun, unique focus on who or where to send one card.

The Fun:
Enjoy the selection of cards, know that we’ll be doing something creative with them each month,  together. Giggle over the affirmation of something wonderful that is going to come your way.  Invite family and friends to play. Share your experience, feelings, delights below or on our community Facebook Page.

We will Send one card on the last day of each month.  An inspired and fun focus will be shared several days ahead.

First Play is Friday, January 31st.

Januay 31 Focus:Take a few minutes to get quiet. Ask yourself what was your biggest gratitude in 2013. Who made a big difference? Select a gratitude card to him or her.

Thank them for their support, love, happiness or inspiration. Feel the feelings throughout the writing and sending of the card. Note any physical sensations. Be open to any ideas that come up to make the whole experience pleasurable for you or them. Share how you felt, were impacted or any unexpected creativity!

February 28 Focus:  “There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than for bread.” ~ Mother Teresa  (

Let’s send a Belated Valentine. Who might you love and appreciate?  Take the time to enjoy the inspiration and writing of your expression.

March 31 Focus: Who may be feeling under appreciated in their work/job/parenting/purpose that you would like to uplift?  Enjoy thinking of them fulfilled and happy as you ponder them this week.  From this good feeling place, write an appreciation card.

April 30 Focus: “Children are magic because they look for it” ~ Christopher Moore.

How has a child touched, inspired or uplifted you? What is their special way in the world? Let’s write the card from our hearts.

May 31 Focus: Kapuna: Grandparent, ancestor, relative or close friend of the Grandparent’s generation. Let’s celebrate the Blessing of Living Kapuna in our Lives.

June 30: A Dad who touches your heart with how he shows his children love.

July 31: Someone who inspires or encourages you to freely be Yourself.

Aug 29: Do something creative to express gratitude for someone who has passed that deeply touched or inspired you.

Sept 21: World Gratitude Day: Send out card to somebody who is making a difference in the world. Dancing Gratitude will send out personal cards to the first five who share a story of world gratitude in this month’s blog or on Facebook.

October 31: For this month’s Gratitude Card Game, let’s send out a card to a special Man. Who comes to mind and Why? Tell him about it!
Bonus:  host a Halloween Gratitude Open House picking a theme to share a story ( i.e. your favorite mother story) for a treat.

November 28: Enjoy a quiet moment and a gentle breath – in and down.  Ask for the deepest and highest priority gratitude. Feel the sensations  of this gratitude in your body. Do you know why this is the priority? How can you express you share the depth and heights of this priority gratitude in a satisfying, fun way? Send out a card on Friday after Thanksgiving.

December 3o: Ponder your year and all the things for which to appreciate yourself.  No one knows you Better!  Send yourself a card and Start off the New Year in a receptive and regenerative mode!

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  1. Carol Rice
    January 30, 2014 at 10:16 am

    Dancing Gratitude every day of my life and teaching my grand children to do the same! Grateful for this opportunity!.

  2. Ann
    January 31, 2014 at 9:44 pm

    Aloha Carol, Thanks for leaving your heartfelt comment here. Dancing Gratitude every day brings me such Grace and fun. Imagine it’s triply amazing dancing it with Grand Kids!

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