Have you shared your Gratitude lately?

When somebody expresses a heartfelt gratitude, it sparks me. I start thinking about things I hadn’t thought of before or have taken for granted. I enjoy their good feelings with them. I enjoy the ride they are having and get prompted to greater appreciation of things I hadn’t been thinking about — all of this from simply sharing our unique perspectives.

Gratitude talk with others also leads to other conversations that I might not have tapped into…

They may be just under the surface of every day conversation. Gratitude talk with others leads to fun and interesting discoveries about another and their interests and passions. I connect with people and their joy more and earlier on when we share our gratitude. Appreciating in COMMUNITY, I am likely to expand joyful states more readily than when alone; similar to being able to go deeper in meditation with others.

So now… I want to share this joy and fun!

I am inviting YOU to SHARE your GRATITUDE and JOY and see it expand on our New Forum called Gratitude Connections! Here you can write your gratitudes, reply to those of others, and start your own gratitude thread – a community of sharing gratitudes! Then, Dance the good feeling generated into your day with your family, friends, acquaintances, people you know and don’t know, pets, nature, work, life situations – the web of communityThis is what Dancing Gratitude is all about!

Let’s share what we appreciate together in this great web community!

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