Edna Fuerth Lemle

Edna Fuerth Lemle WGD (PS)Edna Fuerth Lemle (Apr.11, 1916- Apr.17, 2011), founder of World Gratitude Day was an ahead of her time mother, grandmother, business woman, with a far-reaching, immense passion for world peace. Edna founded World Gratitude Day on Sept. 21, 1964. It was recognized by the United Nations Meditation Group in 1977, which later became the United Nation’s International Peace Day. Edna lived in two diverse, international communities – Hawaii and New York City, where she was a force for world peace. In Hawai, Edna worked extensively with Senator Spark Matsunaga on legislation to establish the United Institute of Peace, which was established in 1984. In the New York area, her associations included Foreign Policy Association, The United Nations Association and UN Speakers Research Committee. She was a big supporter for One to World, an organization “creating global citizens and inspiring a peaceful world”. As a Renaissance woman, Edna won awards for her international peace work including creating art shows with multinational children’s drawings for peace. She wrote, danced with Martha Graham, held her own one woman art show, “The Universal Woman” in Paris and New York.

In a 1966 “A Woman’s New York”  Alice Hughes’ column for the Reading Eagle, Edna shared that the fall Equinox was selected as important for “Natural reasons”.  Edna emphasizes a simple, profound Truth, a uniting global perspective of the Equinox: “because it is an equinox, one of the two-a-year when the sun passes over the equator, and night and day, everywhere in the world, are of equal length.” Gratitude thinking brings us broader perspectives. Edna brilliantly highlights this symbol of Universal Humanity, for the related twins: World Gratitude and World Peace. In the same article, Illustrious Founder of World Gratitude Day offers “When you’re bothered, just stop and think about something to be grateful for- what it is doesn’t matter so much as the emotion.” This concisely sums up the way to embody gratitude and peace from the inside out.


Click here for Mickey Limle’s eulogy for his Mom. Edna’s son, Mickey Lemle, is an award winning filmmaker and President of Lemle Productions. His resume exudes a passion for global peace. His company’s mission is to tell moving stories about human transformation. Lemle’s film RAM DASS FIERCE GRACE, was named one of the five best non-fiction films of 2002 by Newsweek Magazine. In 2013, the company began working on a full length feature film about the life of the Dali Lama.

Click here for Alice Hughes’ Feb 24, 1966  A Womans’ New York Column in the Reading Eagle.

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