Everyday Blessings

Everyday Blessings. When I look at everyday blessings,  all the ordinary things that went well each day, it helps begin to build basic trust. A habit of deep gratitude for ordinary things is powerful. It cultivates an expanded perspective. This bigger perspective provides an anchor to come back to when things feel overwhelming.

Everyday Blessings:

Write 5 ordinary things that went right today. To play all out, write 10 or creatively share some of them. When you’re done, notice how acknowledging them impacts you. Finish by expressing the experience of your gratitude sensation, insight or feeling. Receive the gift.

1) Harmonious connections with friends and colleagues
2) My car took me every place I wanted to go, brakes working safely and without worry.
3)  Household appliances worked well
4) Clean water available as I needed it
5)  Electricity and plumbing working well
6)  Awareness brushing my teeth
7)  Clothes fit, functional and feel good
8)  Home offering shelter and place to do my work
9)  Peaceful quiet moments
10) Birds singing; trees swaying with cooling tradewinds.

Gratitude Gift: Centered; I am well supported.

Suggested Dance Song to embody your gratitude gift:
Nas and Damian Marley: Count your Blessings

Post your gratitude gift received below.


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Everyday Blessings Gratitude Game

Ann Paquin

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