Life in the Flow

Life in Flow

Keawakapu Beach, Maui

Life in the Flow. When life seems to flow, we are aligned with the greater truth of who we are. From this place we have a basic trust that we matter in the world and that life is supporting us in our success. In the flow, we see a more objective and balanced reality that includes the goodness and beauty in life.

If we only pay attention to the news, however, we are bombarded by images and messages that life is hard. Looking for the places in our lives where things are flowing can be so important for balance and for our overall emotional and physical health.

This game was inspired by an Art Appraiser from Texas, whom I met sharing a ride from Sante Fe to Albuqueque. She was returning home from appraising  artwork in a client’s second home. Beautiful complementary accommodations with expansive vistas were provided. “Sometimes life is hard, this is not one of them”, she said. Appraising where our life is in the flow, restores our connection to the sweetness in Life.

Life in the Flow:

Write 5 gratitudes for parts of your day or Life where you are in the flow (or without struggle). To play all out: write 10 or creatively share some of them. Finish by expressing the experience of your gratitude sensation, insight or feeling. Receive the gift.

Life in the Flow

1) Feeling of knowing the next priority of what to do.

2) Received some creative inspirations for my business.

3) Feeling energy to do what I want to do.

4) Listening to birds sing and gentle winds

5) Taking time to enjoy silence and quiet in digesting my meal

6) Doing my work barefoot in shorts and T shirt at home

7) Feeling support and love looking into another’s eyes

8) Received free helpful video with what I needed for a new skill.

9) Appreciating fresh cooling breezes

10) Enjoying offering my gifts

Gratitude Gift: slow full  deep breaths, relaxed jaw, in my body; relaxed and alert

Suggested Song to dance and embody your gratitude:
Jana Stansfield:  Living in the Flow

Post your gratitude gift received below.



Are you needing help with getting in your flow?

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