Meet Us

Ann Paquin is the creator and founder of the Dancing Gratitude practice and website. Ann has a deep understanding of our Limitless Nature and how to integrate that into supporting life purpose and living a life of greater ease. She has a passion for helping people feel really good about themselves; to uplift and help in their healing journey. She is the founder of two healing practices, Fully in Your Flow™ and Resonance Dance™. Ann followed her interests to study with evolutionary teachers who have created and founded spiritual, healing and movement modalities. The healing and somatic leading edge modalities  include Resonance Therapy®/Resonance Healing®, the Nia Technique and Dancemeditation®. She also studied with world renowned Enneagram authors/teachers, Feminine Power, the School of Womanly Arts, and leading  Improvisation Masters.
Kitt Lengkeek is a certified Nia Brown Belt Teacher and known for her Nia Networking Genius. She works in the Tower at one of Maui’s commuter airports….an office with a view. Additionally she is proficient with Macs, knows html code, and is a Big Support for the Dancing Gratitude website. When she’s not dancing, you may find her gazing at the sky, day or night~~especially for full moon rises! Or catch her flying over to Oahu to visit her Mom and take a Nia class at the Still and Moving Center. Kitt exudes aloha and the Spirit of Dancing Gratitude.
Jan Michael Ringlever has been with Dancing Gratitude photographing and creating videos from 2010. His genius with light and editing communicate the depth, subtleties and joy of Dancing Gratitude.Check out a highlight of his travels to Ireland, Bahamas, Thailand, Florida and Hawaii especially made for Dancing Gratitude: “How Lucky We Are That We Can See“. To purchase JMR photos or contact him, visit
An Anonymous Angel, who adores EWF, has been coaching Ann in the most delightfully, inspired way to create this dream Dancing Gratitude Website and Community. She has helped Ann develop and expand the Dancing Gratitude Vision, improve blogging skills, provide the most creative, unique motivation imaginable while modeling the Spirit of Dancing Gratitude personally and with business. She does love to Dance and is a highly, intelligent, creative DG partner and groovy dancer. Dancing Gratitude is Blessed.
Thomas Reeve Kelley lives in Kihei. He built our Gratitude Connections Forum, provide the technical means to grow our website and move gracefully through WordPress and Theme upgrades. He is proud to be a contributor to Dancing Gratitude’s website – using his expertise in WordPress design/development. For more information you can email him at