by Ann Paquin

Dancing Gratitude implies movement. When we move with gratitude, our attention to it expands and we feel it more. The more I feel it, the more I give to and receive from this portal of joy and inspiration.

Move Gratitude, Feel Better, Live Free

Moving and dancing with Gratitude brings a sense of appreciation to life.  As I move to the music and dance gratitude, I experience a new level of body awareness and I let the good feelings flow through me. Every movement brings the opportunity for a new perspective. I sense and flow with the inherent feelings of Joy. I feel the aliveness of Spirit in my body. Moving my gratitude helps me “get” how appreciation works – up close and personal.

The gift in these “appreciation oriented” perspectives is that I most always feel better quickly, even before any circumstance in my life changes.  Changed thinking and feeling better ~ courtesy of intentional moving and states of appreciation ~ is a powerful combination. Really! This combo influences the changes that do come ~ into directions that feel better.

I receive the most amazing, delightful and perfect inspirations from Dancing Gratitude including:

bringing creativity and fun into the mundane


amazing reframes, insights and the realization of the unlimited things I can ask the Universe for

–all the more so for the most heart-wrenching situations–

and all of this leads up to

the ultimate freedom to be ME.

Dancing and moving gratitude helps me move through what’s difficult with much greater ease.

More feeling,

                         less struggle,

                                                         full toolbox.

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  1. June 21, 2013 at 5:01 am

    Ann! Love how you remind me that we can be mindful not just in speech and action but also in movement! Also that our literal movements can translate into what we have to metaphorically move through in life. Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us, and I love the idea of having a full toolbox!

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