Creating More Peace in our Lives

Peace GratitudeA way to create more peace in our lives is to first notice the many ways peace is already present. You might be surprised how it may take some practice at first. We often think of peace in terms of what’s missing. Aside from meditating or doing yoga and looking at Nature, how is there peace in your everyday life?

Have you had the experience that energy follows attention.  We place our attention by choosing our thoughts. Consider how energy follows our thoughts.  Think of a time when you met someone new whom you really enjoyed and then you saw their name everywhere including on restaurant or street signs that you hadn’t noticed before. Gratitude for what brings us peace helps us see the peace that is already here as well as attract more peace.  Bringing a full focused, embodied appreciation to anything is a powerful attraction energy for more of what we want.

Mother Teresa’s quote about peace, however,  emphasizes the power of energizing what we are wanting by how we place our attention:

“I will never attend an anti-war rally; if you have a peace rally, invite me.” ~ Mother Teresa

Dancing Gratitude offers a powerful One Gratitude Practice, that can be applied to your desire for peace. Notice as many moments of peace as possible and how that feels in the body, heart and mind.

Peace Gratitude:
Waking up without an alarm clock and feeling my feet touch the floor.
Feeling wind blowing in my face as I walk from my home to my car.
Praying over a meal.
Being with a friend coming to equanimity with a very difficult situation.
Following my breath for a minute.
Listening to a friend share how they were able to have a more peaceful experience with someone following them a little too close in traffic.
Walking to an appointment and thinking about so much good that has happened over the last 3 years.
Exchanging a smile having relaxed into patience with someone backing out of their driveway who didn’t seen me waiting to cross.
Not getting worked up when a project was going to take longer than expected for something  I thought had been previously solved.
Appreciating the sound of trees rustling in the wind, going with the flow.

What everyday experience(s) of peace have you enjoyed today? Please share in the comments below.



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