The Practice

The Practice

The Practice

Generally, a gratitude practice starts by thinking about things that make us feel good and acknowledging them. When we combine it with a movement or activity (dancing, singing, journaling, painting, sharing…), we can feel the energy of this emotion and begin to embody it. With practice and time, it becomes the lens through which we see the world. By training our minds and bodies to practice gratitude, we recognize the magnitude of all that is well in the world and allow ourselves to receive and take it in.

The Dancing Gratitude practice evokes, shares and expands the feeling of gratitude with a fun activity. The practice is to infuse the activity with the intention of gratitude.  Then enjoy the activity noticing and sustaining the good feelings for as much of the time set aside and continuing as you transition into your next life activity. This practice feels amazing when held in community. The community may begin with a gratitude prayer, poem or affirmation to help establish the intention and connect to other gratitude dancers around the world.

There is power in combining movement with sensation, thought and emotions. Directing these powerful energies towards gratitude becomes a feeling-based prayer in motion. The Dancing Gratitude practice increases what is possible and fosters gratefulness in our life! It is a practice that not only feels good but empowers us and brings us back to center when the going gets tough. Through this process we experience healing and peace.

To further enliven this experience and connect with Joy, bring in elements of beauty. Take the practice outside in Nature.  Dance with bold, rainbow-colored veils. This helps trigger deep states of gratitude!

Our website shares five themes for an emboying gratitude practice:
Movement,  Community, JoyFun and Embodiment.

What are some ways to get started?

Find a Gratitude Buddy

Join our Gratitude Connections Forum

Dance to a favorite song to express your gratitude

Bring in Gratitude to your favorite activity

Create your own fun way to identify, share, move and track your Gratitude

How Can I Learn More About the Practice of Dancing Gratitude?

The best way to understand Dancing Gratitude is to experience it:

– Blog/Guest Blog/Vlog:  Read our blog and Guest blog or watch our vlogs to learn more about Dancing Gratitude and how the practice can boost your energy and enhance your life!
– Gratitude Games:Click on the Games button for more fun and interactive ways to increase your sense of gratitude! A new game will be offered every month for your Appreciation Pleasure!
– Post on our New Gratitude Forum: where you can write your gratitudes, start a new thread and experience the wonder of growing your appreciation state.
-Join us for Dance Breaks and other Facebook  inspirations. Or Take a Gratitude Dance Break when you feel the calling. These are especially wonderful when you feel stuck. Find one teeny tiny, almost hidden, thing in the difficult situation or a big “wonderful” that had happened that’s asking for it’s full gratitude expression. Enjoy the Ride by practicing sensing how this feels in your body. Milk it! Marinade in it! Make it last even longer by sharing it with someone. Check out our Just for Joy Dance Break videos for ideas.
-Send us your uplifting dance break video.