Notice Three Things

Look around! Can you name three things that you are grateful for in your immediate surroundings? There are so many things to be grateful for that you could probably name many, many things if you really tried! The thing is, we get caught up in the lack in our life, or the worries and ‘what’s not going right’. The good news is that a regular gratitude practice helps bring us into greater harmony with ourselves, our relationships, our work, our play and our Soul!

My Gratitude Journey
I have studied and worked under the tutelage of Ann Paquin, founder of Dancing Gratitude, for more than 10 years now and have seen her inner transformation as a result of a regular gratitude practice. Gratitude, she has taught me, helps us shift our habitual negative or worry-focused thinking to find the pearl in any particular moment. Keeping gratitude top of mind allows for more enjoyment, more peace, more hope, and more fun!

After personally researching the health benefits of gratitude, I decided to try the Three Things practice. That is, at the end of each day, I think of three things that I am grateful for and write them down.

One day I wrote that I was grateful for sunny warm weather, walks on the beach and my dog! Choosing Facebook as my venue, I included a fun photograph or video to accompany the day’s blessings.

What I learned from this practice is the following:

* There are more things than we can even imagine to be grateful for on a moment-to-moment basis
* A gratitude practice intentionally shifts our focus throughout the day as we “look for the pony” as Ann would  say in anything that is happening;
* Finally, other people benefit from sharing our Gratitude, and the idea catches on!

When we collectively choose to practice gratitude, our creativity heightens, and we are not as bogged down by the old familiar ways of thinking.

I look forward to continuing this practice and invite others to start or end their day with Three Things, and see what happens!

In Gratitude,

Jane “Blessed” Hart is a journalist, consultant and artist who enjoys writing, painting, and her new pup, Precious. Check out her website

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  1. April 1, 2017 at 6:35 am

    We ARE blessed indeed! Thanks for your “3 things” reminder!

  2. Shelly Napolitan
    April 6, 2017 at 1:05 pm

    I ❤️ You Jane…I definitely need to get more in the gratitude mode of thinking, the worry and stress causes great havoc and it is extremely draining to say the least. Thank you, I think you are amazing ❌⭕

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