Unplanned Benefits

Unplanned benefits happen when we are present and receptive to what life has to offer. When things don’t go as planned, develop a habit for opening up to the opportunity present or possible. A plane flight gets cancelled and we receive kindness, synchronistic meetings and more. A high school sophomore gets cut from one sport team and goes on to being a star player in another sport. What comes to mind for you?

Gratitude Game: Unplanned Benefits

Unplanned Benefits:

Write 5 gratitudes for the way things actually did happen differently than what you were expecting. To play all out, list 10 benefits or creatively share some of them. When you’re done, notice how this gratitude game impacts you. Finish by expressing the experience of your gratitude sensation, insight or feeling. Receive the gift.

Unplanned Situation: Flight Home Cancelled


1.Increased safety not flying in storms

2.Found my way near front of line for rebooking

3.I invited a man behind me to share a car to other airport who happened to have the last car reservation and shared it with me

4. The rerouting was a shorter flight than original flights

5. The airline rep was pleasant and helpful despite stressful situation of rebooking long line of customers.

6. A shuttle company employee showed me where I could get bottled water in next building as the canteen was closed on Sunday

7. I found a nonsmoking hotel room with shuttle service for reasonable price

8. Having equanimity and overall patience

9. I woke up very early for new flight and my body adapted relatively easy

10.I enjoyed synchronous conversation with my shared ride companion both having coming from small workshops of 20-25 people with atmospheres cultivating trust.

Gratitude Gift: I feel a lightness in my head and face. I feel blessed and see that things always work out for me.

Suggested dance song to embody the gratitude gift:
Bachman Turner Overdrive  You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

Post your gratitude gift received below.


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