What is Dancing Gratitude

What is Dancing Gratitude?

Gratitude expressions are growing throughout the world. Gratitude makes us feel better and helps us attract the people, places, things and circumstances that bring greater meaning into our lives. Gratitude works! Dancing Gratitude is a celebratory gratitude practice. It started as a 40 days  invitation for friends and passers-by to dance on the beach with colorful silk veils in the spirit of gratitude at sunset. From the beginning, Dancing Gratitude brings movement, fun and joy for all that is working in our lives ~ and sharing that with others. Dancing Gratitude connects us to our bodies, emotions, and spirit, and as a result, we experience greater aliveness, joy, and freedom!

Dancing Gratitude Veils

The purpose of this unique expressive gratitude movement and our website is to provide creative invitations and inspiration towards embodiment of gratitude. Dancing Gratitude helps us feel better wherever we are in our life journey, and this nurturing of gratitude becomes a portal for healing of self, community, family, and the world. With embodiment we discover our joy.

How Dancing Gratitude Can Help Transform Our Lives?

Through movement with a fun activity, we can shift out of the places that don’t feel good. We can create a lighter state through Dancing Gratitude. With more space, thoughts that help us feel better emerge. This allowing helps us shine the light on outdated beliefs and marinade in what’s True.  It may take a little work at first, but eventually we learn to get to that lighter place with ease, and we feel better!

In Dancing Gratitude we may experience a wonderful state of joy, and we naturally want to express and share that. Sharing builds on this state of joy, and it becomes a more familiar part of the daily rhythm of our souls. Dancing Gratitude brings us into community and helps sustain and enhance these joyful states. As a result, we receive more fun and joy out of life!

Dancing Gratitude’s themes are shared in the 40 Day Event that launched our movement: