The World

Nasa EarthHappy World Gratitude Day!  We are all connected by our very nature as human beings, the air we breath and our shared Earth home.  Today is also International Peace Day. The Equinox was selected for World Gratitude Day by its founder Edna Fuerth Lemle as a symbol that we all matter and are needed, just as day and night are equal.

A path to world peace is similar to that for our personal relationships.  Focus on things we appreciate about each other. When we feel appreciation, we don’t feel fear in that same moment. Appreciation and gratitude help put us in a vibration of love.

The World

Name 5 things you are grateful for about the world. To play all out: write 10 or creatively share some of them. Finish by expressing the experience of your gratitude sensation, insight or feeling. Receive the gift. Embody with a dance.

1)  Billions of people with unique creative gifts that can inspire us and help transform our world.
2)  Animals who bring such joy, compassion, inspiration and humor to us.
3) The land we walk and play upon that feeds us and provides us with a home.
4)  Trees that take our Carbon Dioxide and give us back fresh air to breath.
5)  Plants providing us with beauty, nutrients, inspiration.
6) Children who remind us to play, be good stewards and to connect to causeless Joy.
7) Wise Elders showing new ways to age gracefully and powerfully.
8) Internet connecting us so that we can learn from and be inspired by the best ideas around the planet (examples of strength, peace, nobility, love, value, creativity, beauty, invention, brotherhood/sisterhood and Joy/freedom from all corners of the planet on social media).
9) Opportunity to live, grow and love another day with given moments to be Human.
10) Art, music and uplifting creativity helping us connect with the preciousness of each moment given to us.

Gratitude Gift: Big deep breath; Expanded Joyful Energy

Suggested Song to dance and embody the gift of world gratitude:

Post your gratitude gift received below:


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