You Are Special

Gratitude Game

You are Special

You are one in seven billion plus! You have unique gifts that only you can offer to help transform the world. It has been said that we can only love another to the extent we love ourselves. Finding specific gratitudes for ourselves helps cultivate self love.

Write 10 Gratitudes for yourself. To play all out: write 10 or creatively share some of them. Finish by expressing the experience of your gratitude sensation, insight or feeling. Receive the gift.

1) I came into the world for these most amazing and challenging of times.

2) I’m able to be deeply present for a friend.

3) I have lots of energy and am healthy.

4) I feel genuine excitement and joy when great things happen for others.

5) I see wide perspectives and deeper truths of situations and events.

6) I can hold space for another’s greatness and challenges.

7) I have an ever deepening relationship with gratitude and share her greatness with others.

8) I am willing to listen to other points of view.

9) Personal growth and transformation are important to me.

10) I appreciate learning and growing with those in my life.

Gratitude Gift: Feel filled up, worthy, confident, secure

Suggested dance song to embody the gratitude gift:
Earth Wind and Fire: Shining Star


Post your gratitude gift received below.

Gratitude Games

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